The Iron Steed or Mare of the Month Club

Starting this month of March 2020 to the end of December 2020. We are promoting the Iron Steed or Mare of the month club. Send me your Iron Steed or Mare’s Photos (Many! Not just One), Your Story, Bikes History, Any Tech Info., whatever makes you proud about your machine. We all love to hear about others endeavors in what they consider their best iron works of art. This PROMOTION is open to EVERYONE with a motorcycle that is 35 years or older. (1985 and Back) and has a verified email address that they can be contacted at before it being posted. I would like to see this grow so we could have winner a month if we had enough entries. Right now we will go for a winner of the year in January 2021. With that being said; we now have 9 months left to fill. I volunteered Dave Arthurs 62 Triumph he had posted on our Facebook page. Easy in for him, but it gave me the idea. To give you loafers some incentive there will be a Fifty Dollar first place award and I am still working on the second and third place awards. So right now you have a 1 in 2 chance, by January 1 in 10 not bad odds for Vegas. The first Nine (9) received will fill the remaining monthly slots. If we get an abundance of entries we can rescale it to a monthly winner and then to the overall yearly winner. So, don’t be left out, get that foot in the door. Send all your goodies to Rich at: I will email you back that I have received your info and tell you what month your machine will appear. March 2020 is a sample of what we are looking for. More story, More Photos I would say the better your chances are!!!

March 2020

This month I am starting off with a friend of the Clubs Bike, Dave Arthur. Dave shows up at our meeting and events at times and I seen his post of his bike on our facebook page, which gave me the idea for doing this page on the club site.

Dave Arthurs Story: 1962 Triumph TR6

Here is my 1962 Triumph TR6. I’ve had this bike for about 20 years now. Triumphs have always been great bike’s. Plus they were the brand that got me interested enough into motorcycles way back in the fifties and until this day. This one starts on one or two kicks and is quick and reliable. It was built in the style of a late fifties or early sixties Triumph found in the southern California area. I bought a brand new Triumph Bonneville in 1960, It was my first new bike. This 1962 TR6 model with the single carb is my “favorite”, as they are not as finicky as the Bonneville models are. This one has a five speed gear cluster from a later Triumph in the stock transmission case and a belt drive hidden in the stock primary case. The belt drive eliminates much of the vibrations caused by a heavier chain slapping around. The battery has been eliminated and the stock Lucas magneto handles the spark while the lights work from the alternator. The front forks and twin leading shoe front brake is off a later Triumph, around 1966 if I remember right. I suggest more members post pictures of their antique motorcycles as that is what interests those most in the antique club and others the most.