Membership Requirements

Las Vegas Chapter of the AMCA is a charter member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA). As such, a prerequisite to becoming a member of our chapter is to have a National AMCA Members Number. This means you need to join the National organization first, before you can become a chapter member. With that said, if you join national there is no requirement that you have to belong to a chapter. But chapters are the ones that Organize Runs and Events which builds friendships and camaraderie between members. Our annual dues are $25 and Nationals annual dues are $40. Membership in National entitles you to their Online Forms, Classified Ads, Huge Online Motorcycle Library and the AMCA Magazine every two months { better than a lot of published magazines}

The Las Vegas Chapter dues goes towards our Non-Profit Business state requirements, Chapter expendables and our current motorcycle restoration project. An 1950 Ariel Square Four. Plus we have worked with some local vendors who provide us with Club Discounts.

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