Photo Journal for 2018, Page Two

Vintage Bike Gathering 2/19/2018

Another beautiful Saturday morning at Dunkin Donuts for the vintage bike people to meet up and show off their bikes before riding thru Red Rock Canyon.

Mecum Spring Auction 5/26/2018

This was the first Spring Auction Mecum decided to hold at the South Point Hotel to see how big of an interest there was for a second round of motorcycle auctions on the west coast. It was held in a smaller venue then what they do for the January Auctions.

Club Meeting at New York Pizza 8/16/2018

One of our regular monthly meeting that we hold here at the pizzeria to conduct club business and show off our bikes. This August night was just right for riding to and mingle with friends

Vintage Bike Gathering 8/18/2018

Another Saturday morning meet up at Dunkin Donuts. August is pretty hot here in Vegas so the gathering is moved up to meet earlier in the morning. for the vintage bike people to meet up and So it’s let show off the bikes and ride thru Red Rock Canyon before it gets so hot we melt.

Ride to Rosie’s Diner in Arizona 9/1/2018

The club decided to have lunch at Rosie’s Diner off highway 93 heading to Kingman Arizona after crossing over near the Hoover Dam. We were to meet up in Boulder City, Nevada early morning and ride as a group have lunch and ride back again. It would be a few hundred miles for the day by the time we would get home again

Ride to Beatty, Nevada 10/27/2018

This ride would most likely be the last ride as a club this year for us. The weather will start getting cold again and the holidays will be upon us in short order. The ride up to Beatty up highway 95 towards Reno takes a while to travel. We are going up for Beatty Days. The town has a parade, car & bike show and different kinds of venders selling goods. It is a long stretch of desert road that goes past Creech Air Force Base ( that’s where they do Drone testing) and close to Area 51.