Event Photo Journal 2017

Our Second Club Meeting 5/18/2017

Was held May 2017 at New York Pizza at the corner of Jones & Sahara. We now meet there every third Thursday of the month at 7PM. We had 19 members  show that night, with some riding.

Our First Club Ride Together 5/26/2017

It was humble beginnings as a club. We met at the Euro Cycle dealer on the southwest side of town. We then headed out to Blue Diamond Rd and proceeded out to Bonnie Springs Ranch, it was a beautiful day and absorbed the scenery as we rode out to the ranch. Upon arrival we met and talk with some of the other motorcyclist  that were there a tok in the surrounding or the small western town we were in. All of us decided to have some lunch at the ranch house and once done, I didn’t hear any complaints about the food. After lunch we rode out the rest of the way through Red Rock canyon and stopped for fuel and say our goodbyes. It was a good day for all and I believe it brought the group closer together as a new fledgling club and new friendships.

Our First Booth at Mecum Auction 6/2017

This was thefirst attempt for Mecum to try and do a Spring Auction in Las Vegas. National gave us the task of running the AMCA booth for the first time

Pigpens Breakfast Ride

We met up at the Indian Dealership on the south west side of Vegas and had some breakfast at PT’s Gold. We then gathered everyone up for a ride out through Red Rock Canyon , followed by some lunch back at Pigpens and Clara’s home.

Terry’s & Clara’s Garage Gathering 10/2017

After that ride through the canyon in the morning we ended up at their garage. These two are great hosts, have one hell of garage/ shop set up and put out a great lunch spread for us. Many thank yous for a great day.

Dunkin Donut Meetup 11/2017

The Vintage Bike Gathering is usually every third Saturday of the month, individuals meet up in the parking lot off of West Charleston Blvd. with their classic bikes around 8:30 AM and then around 10 AM and they take a ride through Red Rock. 

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