Event Photo Journal 2020

Mecum Auction January 2020

This years auction ran from Tuesday to Sunday with over 1700 bikes up for auction.

Tire Kickin’ and Pizza at Randall’s Garage February 2020

We got together at Randall’s for an afternoon of tire kicking and pizza eating. Good Friends Good Food.

Ride to Nelson’s Landing 3/14/2020

We had a great ride to Nelson’s landing today.  It was an open event and included the European Motorcycle Owners group. We met some new friends as Bill invited two couples and Gary came out after seeing the ride posted here on Facebook.  We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Ride to visit Jim Bryant’s place in Az. 5/30/2020

Today was a nice day to ride to Az. and visit Jim’s new place. We met up at Railroad Pass gas station around 9:00 a.m. and kickstands up at 9:30.

Garage party @ Mike and Chris’ 6/13/20

Today we met at Mike & Chris’ garage to enjoy catching up and see their collection of motorcycles and cars. We were also treated to a wonderful luncheon.